Re: Coil Length

Quoting Chip Atkinson:

> I think that the confusion experienced is between an optimal 
> design and a  workable design.  From what I have seen, Tesla 
> coils can come in many different shapes and sizes, but the 
> aspect ratio and number of turns discussed on this list are the
> experimentally determined best sizes. 


 > My 4" coil is wound with 24ga. wire.  You would probably be    
 > better off if you used either thicker wire for the 6" coil, or 
 > a smaller form for the 24 gauge wire.

You can still get a nice workable coil with a 6 inch diameter
coil form and #24 wire (if that is what's available then might as
well use it up). Just reduce the aspect ratio some, and wind on
the wire. If the materials are in stock then you would have a
nice working secondary, even if not a "perfect" secondary,
without having any substantial investment in new construction
materials. Learning to wind and assemble a "perfect" secondary
takes a few attempts for many people anyway. Practice makes

I am a firm believer that when nuts comes to bolts (of lightning) 
then it is best to wind on wire as opposed to not winding on
wire. This counts double if it's coil form and wire already in
stock; these materials do no good sitting on the shelf or on the

Richard Quick

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