Re: Transformer info

>>Picked up a new transformer this morning at a hamfest.  Question
>>is, does anyone have more info about it?
>>Manufatured by: Thordarson
>>Model: T-21P75
>>Input: 120-230 VAC
>>Output:  12,000 -at- 500ma   (All outputs are center-tapped
>>          9,600 -at- 650ma    and shown at the 230V rating)
>>          6,000 -at- 1000ma
>>Weighs about 100 pounds.  It is new in the box.
>>Seems like it should work well for coiling.
>>Now I need a powerstat for it.

Glenn, do you have any idea what a xformer like this is originally
built for?
I haven't heard of anything like it before and another source of
xformers would be great.

Mark R. Napier