Another project image.

Quoting Chip:

 > This is a "mock up" of the coil.  I have half of the winding 
 > done on the primary.  I perched the toroid that I made on the 
 > secondary to give a feel for what it will look like when done.
 > The toroid is 7"x22".  I hope it's not too big.  If so, no
 > big deal.  I'll save this one for later and make a smaller     
 > one.

That toroid looks fine. In fact the whole system looks fine. It
looks a bit funny because we wind our primaries backwards from
each other. I start winding from the inside turn out... you start
from the outside turn in. The primary looks smart! You should
have no trouble placing a six inch secondary in this primary and
firing at pole pig power levels...

I see you took my advice and installed a smooth copper plate
ground terminal on a hermetically sealed secondary coil form.
Looks good and my experience is that it will be a super

BTW, don't overly worry about the secondary exploding. If the
coil form is sealed tight, there is little chance a spark will
get inside to ignite fumes. After a couple of years the fumes 
will gradually migrate out of the coil form and the explosion
hazard will eventually diminish to zero. 

Richard Quick

... If all else fails... Throw another megavolt across it!
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