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 > Regarding the saltwater capacitor, I can visualize the         
 > container of water and the bottles, but what material is used  
 > for the plate that can withstand the corrosion of the salt...?

The plates of these capacitors are actually the conductive salt
water. I think you are wondering about the high current bussing
that connects the tank circuit to the salt water plates. First
off, nothing lasts forever, corroded conductors in the capacitor
will need to be replaced from time to time. I have found
galvinized steel works pretty well and corrodes much slower than
aluminum. For upright bottles, galvinized steel carriage bolts
are available. There is also a grade of galvinized steel flashing
suitable for placing in the bottom of buckets, tanks, etc..

 > and how does someone easily tell what "bottles" are of a poly  
 > that is of use (there are many grades)?  

Nothing like experimenting with Tesla coils and getting one's
hands dirty. Plastic containers are exceptionally cheap in our

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