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Quoting Stan Harle <lazer-at-netcom-dot-com>:

 > Hi folks,
 > If you're thinking about getting into coiling, or, like me, 
 > gathering the parts, don't discount your local neon sign       
 > repair places.  Yesterday, I went to visit the only neon sign  
 > repairman for nearly 100  miles, and he had stacks, I would    
 > say about 50 transformers just lying there. 


 > When I told him what I was working on, he decided to give me 2 
 > working ones, along with 4 shorted ones to work on.

Mother lode!

 > Granted, they're 15kV 30 mA, so they're kinda small in output 
 > current, but they're free, so I should be able to gang them    
 > up.

Granted nothing! You got a free 900 VA power supply for nothing
plus cores to assemble at least one or two more units... free!

I would make friends with this guy. Take some spark photos of the
coil after completion and drop by again to show him your
progress. Leave the pictures so he can hang them on the wall. In
the long run you are going to need more transformers anyway (at
least I always did). This guy can custom pump low pressure gas
tubes which will make excellent demonstrations and experiments
with your new coil.

Richard Quick

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