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From: Stan Harle <lazer-at-netcom-dot-com>
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Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 19:05:02 -0600
Subject: SCORE!!!

Hi folks,
        If you're thinking about getting into coiling, or, like me, 
gathering the parts, don't discount your local neon sign repair places. 
Yesterday, I went to visit the only neon sign repairman for nearly 100 
miles, and he had stacks, I would say about 50 transformers just lying 
there. When I told him what I was working on, he decided to give me 2 
working ones, along with 4 shorted ones to work on.
        Granted, they're 15kV 30 mA, so they're kinda small in output 
current, but they're free, so I should be able to gang them up.
        I cut two hangers, got a lamp cord, and had a Jacob's Ladder in 
no time to amaze and amuse my kids, my neighbor, and my wife. Well, not 
my wife. Maybe I shouldn't have cut the cord from that lamp. . .

Stan Harle

-"Men are like linoleum. If you lay 'em right, you can walk on 'em for 
thirty years" - Grace Under Fire
--"You can not sedate all the things you hate" - Marilyn Manson
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