Re: TC's - And Cold Showers

On Tue, 3 Oct 1995 08:30:09 +0700 you wrote:

>							Will...
>PS;  Sorry if I have hurt anyones feelings.  I made what I felt was an honest
>	effort (I even stated that I am not an expert in this field) and at
>	the beginning I get gunned down.  If there is no interests then I will
>	withdrawl my efforts.

Don't worry about it Will.  I think it would be great to make a coil
with cutting edge materials, but I'm not sure that many of us are
familiar with the stuff you mentioned.  Can you elaborate a bit?  The
diamond explanation is a good start, but I don't really understand
where it is to be applied.  Please remember I'm not a trained
engineer.  But I am willing to listen.  Tesla probably got the same
kind of knee-jerk reactions from his "peers".

Mark R. Napier