Re: Hello

Hi again,

	Now on the SCTC (SuperConducting Tesla Coil).  I will go over maybe
in 2 weeks to visit the Sumitomo Superconducting Research Labs.  I have been
granted special permission to visit them for research purposes.  I have heard
that they got some new stuff that may be avialble for me.  Don't know yet.
However, the time has to be planed around my schedule.  Since I do teach here.

	Now, my understanding is that from this SCTC we get a reduced size
and weight than a conventional one because the energy handling abilities are
greater on a size to weight ratio with standard conductors.  However, the
number of turns of the coil don't change.  Now I may be able to create a
free standing coil that is I would have NO interior material (such as a PVC
pipe).  Is this a problem?  That is, I am under the impression that the
PVC acts as a way to absorb the stray RF energy from the coil.  That I beleive
is why the RF loss is important for the core (?) material.


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