RE: Plate capacitors

Hi Chip;

You wrote,

>Is the 60 mil poly in small sheets or in a larger roll?  If it is a roll, 
>I would recommend that you consider rolled caps instead.  I made a plate 
>cap and smoked it in very little time.  The problem may have been the 
>construction though.  I used two long sheets of foil and folded them 
>in the following manner.....................where the ==='s are the dielectric.
>The failure occurred between the plates
>at the zap.  Perhaps using Richard Quicks construction will be better than
>my method, but you should be aware of this type of failure.  

>With the rolled caps, I have never had any problems.

My 60 mil poly is high density, hense it is stiff, smaller pieces.  I have taken
geat care making it so far.  It will be vacuum pumped down.  That is key.  Did
you pump yours down?  It will also be vertically stacked so any air can rise
out.  I will slowly bring the voltage up over a period of hours while applying
more vacuum.  This will get the air out.  Also, this thing is built for 24000
VAC pulse.  That way it won't have to work too hard.

Scott Myers

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