RE: Pole Pig Transformers

Hi Chip,

You wrote;

>I'm looking for a pole pig now and have some questions that I would like
>to know the answers to.  

>1) Has/does anyone run a coil without any limiting ballast on the pig?
>   In other words, has anyone cut the welder and oven elements entirely
>   out of the circuit?

Never do this.  Since the transformer provides very little inductive limiting
and the spark gap acts as a dead short, you get run away current until you fuses
blow.  Before they blow, you will dim all of the lights in your house.

>2) Will these transformers blow up if they get shorted without any control?

If you have no fuses, it is possible.  A fire could occur.

Use inductive/resistve ballasting and line fuses, not circuit breakers.

Scott Myers

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