Re: Contactor questions

Steven Roys SR>

>>Since each 
>>contactor has two relays and each relay has three contacts, does 
>>this mean that I could wire everything up in parallel and be good to 
>>go for up to 3 * 2 * 27A, or is the 27A rating for each relay rather than 
>> each contact?
>     Yes.
SR>This was a multiple-choice question, but I am assuming that you meant 
SR>"Yes, you can run 162A through this puppy by paralleling all the 
SR>contacts".  If I'm wrong, please let me know before I burn my house 
> parallel all the contacts on the hot.  Of course, use separate contacts 
> for 220V connection.

	I have no direct experience with this, but one possibility concerns 
me. I don't think it would cause you to burn down your house, but it may not 
be safe. If you parallel the relay contacts  and they do not contact at 
the same time, then one contact may have to carry all the current for a 
short time. This circumstance coupled with lots of current flowing may cause 
the contacts to weld together...

-Ed Harris