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TE>From pop-at-cats.ucsc.edu Sat Oct 14 01:12 MDT 1995

TE>>>outgasssing) epoxies like Torr-Seal. Or - - I have heard that hot melt glu

TE>>>is just polyethylene --- if that is true it should work as a low outgassin

TE>>>sealant. Anybody got the scoop on hot melt glue?

TE>>I believe that hot glue is polyethylene.  A sculpture friend of mine
TE>>was working with it at one time.  I think he told me that.

TE>Oops!   I got it wrong.  I found out that hot melt glue is usually
TE>polyvinyl chloride, PVA.  It would be best to get the manufacturer's
TE>name and number off the package and call them and ask the actual

Sorry Mark, wrong again, your first guess was closer :-)

Retail (DIY) Hot melt glues are based on ethylene vinyl acetate
(EVA) polymers plus resins. They don't use PVAc, PVA or PVC but
can they contain small levels of polyethylene. They don't
"outgass" any more than any other solvent free polymer, but they
will degrade over a long time to give off tiny quantities of
acetic acid, which is only a problem in contact with very
delicate or old paper. Thats why they arn't used in museums etc
to restore valued antiques. But other than that they would be ok
as a "sealant".

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