Re: Hull Teslathon

Steven Roys says:

I also got to meet Tesla mailing list member Ed Harris who drove in 
from Ohio, and saw the tape of his work with argon gas discharges at 
atmospheric pressure.  30 Watts from a flyback transformer never 
looked so good!  

Question for Ed:

Have you tried to seal the Ar gas in the frame, and if not, why not?  Is 
Argon gas difficult to seal in, or is there some other reason that you 
keep the gas flowing in slowly and the purge hole open?
Yes I have TRIED, but it hasn't worked because I only tried using Silicone 
caulk. I have found ( in agreement with Richard Quick's statement ) that 
the normal silicone caulk outgasses acetic acid and water vapor for months 
after it appears cured. This vapor is enough to totally contaminate the 
chamber in a matter of hours. Sealing the plexiglas with plexiglas "glue" (
methylene chloride based) fares only a little better as far as outgassing 
goes - but it does turn the discharge green for a while!!

I think the way to go would be to use one of the vacuum grade (low 
outgasssing) epoxies like Torr-Seal. Or - - I have heard that hot melt glue 
is just polyethylene --- if that is true it should work as a low outgassing 
sealant. Anybody got the scoop on hot melt glue?

-Ed Harris

ps I got to see Hull's inverted Magnifier for the first time in person! 
I was 5ft beyond the 120 inch strike range and could feel puffs of wind as 
the arcs reached toward me! Also, the free coil was uncoated and showed 
no signs of corona "haze" at either end....