Free Pole Pigs/Tesla's C Springs Coil

I would be REAL sure how the power co felt about "looting" before helping
myself to downed 'pigs.  They have a cash value...  And unknown ones may or
may not have PCBs' in them....

A little about the Colorado Springs coils, which Richard Quirk mentioned
briefly, but may be worth expanding on.  The "fence" visible in the photos is
the _secondary_.  The primary is a single turn, almost invisible, down near the
floor.  The visible coil up in the air is a "tertiary" or "extra" or magnifier
coil.  (actually, if memory serves, different coils appear in different photos,
some are apparently just "test equipment". 

Like most people looking at the pix, i had ASSumed the 'fence' to be the
primary.  Wiser heads than mine, studying the C Springs Notes sorted out the