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TE>> Point taken, but...
TE>> Can anyone explain why sparks would prefer to travel down the inside
TE>> of the former (winding) rather than the outside ?
TE>thppppppth! Oh, sorry, had to dust off some neurons. I'd guess that the
TE>magnetic flux density tends to be greater inside the secondary, and
TE>without the added dielectric of the end caps, arc form more easily.
TE>Anyone else?

TE>Stan Harle

I have found that the sparks tend to travel along a solid surface
easier than through the air. For some reason they will break down
across the solid inside surface more readily than along the coil
itself. Maybe with continued use the discharges lower the
breakover voltage of the PVC surface. I know that after operation
where theres a corona the plastic becomes marked with micro
tracks. All the coils I've made have had uncapped ends also.

Jim Oliver <jim.oliver-at-welcom.gen.nz> (3:771/370)

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