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> Now, while we're on practical matters, there are two things that 
> have been driving me nuts: 

> 1) How do you effectively cut PVC squarely? I managed, but it was
> tedious and slow.

Get a metal strip tape measure. Start with the factory cut end. Measure 
back, then mark all around the circumference. Score the mark with a 
light saw fitted with a metal cutting blade (hack saw). Once the groove
is scored, cut with a rough cut saw of any type. 

Another option is taking the work to a local craftsman, machine, or
plastics shop. For a couple of $ they will square cut the piece.

> 2) How do you get the primary into a flat spiral? Again, I seem to
> have managed, but it was a royal pain.

This one is accomplished with pure time. It is not easy, and neither
is coil building. Wait until you wrestle a 100 foot length of 1/2 or 
3/4 inch tubing into a 15 turn flat spiral. It takes not days... but
weeks or even months before the conductor is "trained".

> Initial test of the capacitors indicate that 3 liter coke bottles 
> don't have very much dielectric strength. Wish I'd gotten pictures 
> of the corona.

I could have (should have?) warned you about this. This material is
much too thin. You need to look at "tupperware" like thicknesses in 
your dielectric... (was that a hint or what?).

Richard Quick

... If all else fails... Throw another megavolt across it!

... If all else fails... Throw another megavolt across it!
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