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> Richard,
> Thank you again for another reply.

No problem. I try to help where I can.

> I will always accept the advice and recommendations of those
> who are legit with the "been there and done that" background.
> What you say also makes darn good sense to boot.  

Thanks for the complement!

> After all this work (not to mention a couple of several bucks)
> I would really like a sparker that sparked.

Now I really can sympathize with this sentiment. Despite
everything a guy can do, Tesla coiling costs either lots of
time... or lots of money... and frequently both. Half the
challenge (as I was reminded on the phone this evening with
another coiler), is finding the right components at the right
price. This takes time...

This would also strike a chord with those who have studied
Tesla's life, to help them understand how several fortunes passed
through his bank accounts like water. Whereas we plug in for 
our juice at a few cents per kilowatt hour, Tesla had to design,
construct, and operate the AC power supplies and step up
transformers before he could fire. Wardenclyffe had to have
boilers and custom generators on line before you could feed power
to the multiphase transformer banks used to charge the one story
high capacitors. Tesla complained in 1916 that it cost $100.00
for the coal to fire the boilers for a day...

Sorry, back to the subject at hand..

> So, I'll add 30' for a total of 60' and wind a 15-17 turn 
> primary.  

I would. 

> Have a 4" tube and mucho 22ga.  Hows about 700 turns there?  

Sounds just fine. You could even push it a little by stretching
out the length and squeezing on 750 turns if you have enough coil
form length available.

> And a toroid around 3X12 to start?  

Sounds great for starters, as you go to peak the coil out you can
work up to a 5x20 toroid or even larger; then you will realize
the wisdom in your decision to extend your primary conductor. 

> I have been absorbing the messages from this group for over a 
> year now (thanks to Chip inviting me in), and promised myself I
> wouldn't become a pest for advice.  Now that I am deep into 
> construction my promise has been compromised.

I hardly consider asking a few good questions being pesky. Yours
is not the only project under construction in this size range. I
am aware of four other coils (in addition to your project) in
various stages of completion by people who monitor and/or post in
these groups. Rest assured that your questions provide valuable
fodder for others. If nothing else it helps you directly in
building a more efficient and versatile system.

Richard Quick

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