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> My wire arrived today. I just finished putting on what will probally
> be the last coat of varnish. The PVC diameter after the sealing coat
> was 8 7/16" in daimeter. I made the coil legnth 25 5/16 long out of
> 22ga magnet wire. Tomorrow the coating of varnish should be dry and I
> can add the ouput plates and make end caps. I used about 1 quart on
> this coil form total (sealing and coil coats.)

Sounds Good!

> Now on to my primary!

> Oh.. Richard, on the primary you described earlier, how many turns was
> it total? What was the inside diameter? Outside diameter? Thanks...

Figure on starting the inside diameter turn at 11.5 to 12 inches. This 
is going to be quite a potent system when it is peaked out, and the
secondary coil will handle a tremendous amount of toroid, which means
impressive frequency drops in the secondary compared to the bare wire
frequency. What I am saying is that the primary needs to be large. I
would figure around 90 feet of conductor wound into a primary coil with 
around 15 full turns available. I would use 1/2 inch OD copper tubing 
for the primary conductor. The primary should be a just about the same 
diameter as the secondary winding is tall, or a bit wider. These figures 
are of course rough guestimates. Since you are winding an eight point 
five inch (8.5") diameter secondary coil, your secondary inductance is
going to be nice and high. As such you will not need a very steep angle
of inclination in your primary winding to get critical coupling. Fifteen
degrees of slope, rising from the inside turn of the primary (which is
level with the bottom turn on the secondary) up to the outside turn,
should put you right in the ballpark for good coupling coefficients.

For general purpose (12 kvac rms to 15kvac rms inputs) coiling you can 
space the conductor with .4 inches of air between turns. 

Richard Quick

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