Free Pole Pigs

 * Carbons Sent to: usa-tesla-at-usa-dot-net

Anybody willing to volunteer for cleanup assistance in or around
Pensicola, Florida should be able to pick up truck loads of free
pole pigs. Bring your chainsaw and heavy duty bolt cutters. I saw
one picture on CNN a few minutes ago showing about 1/2 mile of
high tension poles laying in the middle of the road. I saw at
least four pigs that needed to be removed as a public service.

In case you think I jest, I had a friend on a volunteer fire
department in rural Arkansas about five years back. A large
tornado struck and he was called to duty. In one night he removed
a dozen pigs where poles had dropped across roads and on rail
right of ways. The electric utility did not want them back
because of the G-forces the transformers had been subjected to.
He was told to take his truck w/the pigs to the utility salvage
yard and dump the pigs there. He took them home instead and
nobody every said a word about it. Out of the twelve pigs, one
had a ruptured case and leaked, another had an open lead in a
winding somewhere, the other ten worked fine.

Areas with damaged lines remain powered down until the line crews
rebuild the distribution links. They don't throw juice through
downed or destroyed sections. It would be my guess that anybody
with a 4WD truck, a hard hat, and salvage equipment would be
pretty much welcomed to assist cleaning up down there.

Richard Quick

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