Re: Contactor questions

> This should be ok as you will probably be using a variac to power the 
> system.  When you energize the contactors, the variac shold be off 
> and very little current will flow.  You won't have many amps flowing 
> until you get the variac up to full power.

This is the mode of operation that I will employ.  In the case of a 
runaway system, I will (hopefully) have the presence of mind crank the 
variac down before hitting the "panic" button to open the contactors.  
That way, I can prevent things from welding shut and "letting a bunch of 
Clydesdales romp and play".

I can't see this even being a problem for now since I'm sure that I will 
be running under 30A for a while.  By the time I work up to the 50A plug, 
I will probably have picked up some heavier duty contactors.

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)