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> Hello Richard,
> My secondary is wound with just short of 19" with 22ga on a 4"
> acrylic tube.  It measures out to 9.1 mh with a LCR meter and
> I figure it to be around 750-760 turns.

Zounds Goot!

> Time to wind the primary.  I have 60' of .375 tubing and a
> piece of 2X2 3/4" plywood that is sealed.  What do you think 
> would be a good starting point for the inside turn and turn
> spacing?  I was thinking of 6" inside with .375 spacing, but
> if it is OK, maybe starting out at around 7 or 8" would leave
> me with a primary I could use with a larger secondary.  I plan 
> to wind it flat unless you would recommend otherwise.

I would wind a dish, or what we call a "saucer" shaped primary
coil. This is really an "Archimedean spiral wound inverse conical
section" for those who are picky. Anyway, this primary
configuration is especially good if you want to make the inside
turn a bit large to accomodate a larger secondary coil in the
future. Remember that even with larger secondary coils, you will
be able to raise the secondary up on insulators to achieve
critical coupling.

> After reading the pros and cons of cap building, I have decided
> to buy mine.  For the extra money it is worth while to me.  
> Does the number .02 sound good to you?  I have a transformer 
> that is rated a .5amp at 12,000v, a Scott Myers powerstat, and
> a 220v variable reactance welder (and 2 electric baseboard 
> heaters for bypass).

It sounds like you are gearing up for some high powered work here
and it sounds great! With these power supply components, you are
going to want at least a .025 (and maybe even a couple of those
not too far down the road). I think someone (Scott Myers?) is
working on getting a quantity discount on some .025 caps, and you
might consider getting in on the deal. Heck if the price is right
I would probably pick up one or two .025 microfarad caps.

Richard Quick

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