Re: Building a coil

>Just out of curiosity, what is the smallest coil, size or powerwise, that
>anyone of you have worked with?

Well, the smallest that I have built is a 3" coil.  It was my third.  I started
out with an 8" coil, which would spark to ground, but never any streamers,
then to a 4" coil that only wasted wire and money, and finally the 3" coil
which finally worked.  It is 3" pvc form, 750 turns, 12" long, 26ga wire, 
12x3 or 10x3 toroid.  Now I have a good working 4" coil that I have gotten
50 inch arcs to ground.  I don't know how long the streamers are, but they
are at least that long.