Re: Neon Transformer Questions (bombarders)


I've been really busy, so I'm a little late in replying,
but ....

When I went to a neon sign company to get a transformer, I saw their
bombarder.  It was a pole pig!  I pumped them for info about current 
limiting, and it appeared that they had none.  This was curious.
They pulled a spark off the HV end and it was something -- about 11"
of hot flame.  Like an acetylene torch with the oxygen turned off.

If you are going to spend the $, you might as well get a pole pig.
I got mine for about the same $ that I have spent on neons over my
lifetime, except that I only have 3 neons to show for my $.  I don't
expect to ever replace Wilbur (the pole pig :-)).  Another good thing
is that if you use an arc welder to limit current, you have an arc 
welder, so you can make neat stuff like cabinets, dollies for the 
equipment, etc.