Re: Splitting & Tank

RM>  While I have your rapt and unwavering attention, dear people,
RM>  permit me to confess:  I =am indeed= something of a purist.
RM>  This business of using modern materials, tools, and instru-
RM>  ments to construct high-voltage resonant circuits is -- is --
RM>  well -- it's =fascinating= !   But, is it Tesla??

Give me a break!  Tesla used the best of what was available, and either 
advanced the technology himself or pushed the existing technology to 
the outer limits to accomplish what he did.  A capacitor is a capacitor 
regardless of whether it's made using salt water filled champagne 
bottles or modern plastics, and I'm sure that Tesla would have 
whole-heartedly, even rabidly, endorsed using the modern materials 
and methods that you question.  Being a "purist" doesn't mean that you 
have to live in the past; the technology and materials that that R Quick , 
R Hull, Golka, and others use are indeed a perfect embodiment of what 
I would respectfully consider to be "Tesla".

RM>  Constructing any circuit, using any materials, devising any
RM>  technique - just so long as it has a resonant transformer
RM>  and produces a long(er), thick(er) spark  (how phallic!) is
RM>  New Age Tesla-ing (as I call it). It's okay as far as it goes,

Perhaps you could explain how this differs from what Tesla himself 
was doing?  Are you implying that you consider Tesla "new-age"?

I personally think that by putting your words and prejudices in the 
departed Dr. Tesla's mouth, you are trivializing Tesla's brilliance and 
his philosophy of pushing technology to the edge, and are actually 
doing more harm than good.

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)