Capacitor Inductance

I made a little mistake the other day when I quoted what the internal inductance
of these 20 KV, .025 uF Condenser Products commercial capacitors is.  I told you
that it was under 80 microhenries.  WOOPS!  I meant it was under 80 nanoHenries.

I went ahead and confirmed the internal inductance with the factory.  It will be
between 30-35 nanoHenries.  This is fully acceptable.  A nice low figure
actually.  The other companies figures were a little higher.  They others were
in at about 70-80 nanohenries.

Here was Malcom Watts' message to me.

>I posted a query in response to the figure of 80 microHenries you 
>gave on Grendel, but this matter is SO IMPORTANT that I have to
>raise it with you IMMEDIATELY.  Is this figure of 80 microHenries 
>correct ?  (not 80 nanoHenries by any chance)

>IF IT IS CORRECT, we have a MAJOR PROBLEM.  This far more 
>inductance than you will find in many tank coils. This is

Sorry for the error.  Thanks for catching it Malcom.  Your right, it would be a

Scott Myers