Re: Pole Transformer Sources


In slugging through all the postings, I thought I would add my experiences
in finding a pole pig.

My wife got me the transformer for my birthday with a little guidance from me.
She is a great schmoozer, and got the Transformer Bank guys to give her some
names in the Denver area.  They said that if the Denver based people couldn't 
help, they would help her out.  The only worthwhile name they gave me was 

H&H Transformer Inc.
(303) 289-2802

While a single 10kva transformer is a tiny order for them, they were most
courteous with me and were able to deliver it to me in Boulder at work,
since they were going that way anyway.  If you are in the Denver area,
or near by, I would recommend them.  They weren't as cheap as Scott's 
place (the cost was $345), they were here.