Re: Wire Losses

Hi Chip,

>Do you know how twisted stranded wire compares to braided in terms of loss?

Hmm...I do know that braided wire is a Tesla no-no, because of the poor skin
effect of all of those fine wires. Stranded wire is ok, but the individual
strands need to be of a large diamater. Something jumper-lead type cable
should be ok. In my current 5KW magnifier project, my whole tank will be
'wired' with buffed and polished 1/4 inch copper pipe covered in concentric
layers of heat-shrink tubing. The pipe can be flattened at certain points to
drill holes for 'rock solid' 'bolt together' connections! Is the heavy PVC
coated Copper tube avaliable in the US? No flashover problems since I used
that stuff in my primaries! Acyually no 'visible' corona around the 
primary at all! The stuff can be bundled into a free standing primary with
nylon ties with no inter-turn flashing! Of course, you still need to spend
a few years shaping the thing.  :) There I go, getting off the track 
again! :)
Well, those are my ideas for wiring the tank.

>Also, should I then replace the braided ground wire for my secondary with 
>something solid or stranded?

The lowest resistance conductor you can find is best! Also as short a run
of the conductor as possible. I will use an 8 foot earth rod directly 
underneath the secondary. The base of L1 will be literally soldered to
the earth rod. I reccomend drilling a hole in the garage floor, and
hammering that sucker as deep as you can....just where you want it!  :)

Just ideas.........