of patents and computers....

> Tesla was years and years ahead of the pack and was literally attacking the
>problem of RF power processing from many different angles simultaneously:
>mechanical circuit controllers, HF alternators, electrical oscillators, RF
>transformers, tuned antennas, receiving circuits, multiplex (transmission &
>reception),  regenerative and hetrodyne. 

>Don't forget such insights as the AND logic gate and Tesla's intended
>application for this circuit in communications as part of the
>"art of individualization", Patent No. 577,670 (February 23,
>1897) and introduced in a small oscillator in his demonstration
>of April 6, 1897 before the New York Academy of Sciences. These
>mentions just skim his work in this area.
	ummmmm.  Babbage had built to entire computers out of mechanicals,
	including logical gates by the 1870s.

	Relays were doing logic for the telegraph and RR folk by 1890.
	I admit to not having the patent in question in front of me, but
	i doubt it can claim priority over other "and" implementations.

	(Patent issuance does not guarantee priority, as the Marconi interests
	found out when Tesla's work was used to invalidate portions of
	Marconi's patents....  Patents have been, more or lesa seriously,
	described as "a license to sue and be sued".)

	It is quite common for honest parallel paths to be teken in invention.