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> As you know, I have been talking to several manufactureres 
> about caps, one of which is Condenser Products.  What are the 
> model numbers of your matching 45 KV caps?  I just want the 
> engineer to look at the design you received. 

I happen to have spec sheets right here:

       The Condenser Products Corp.
           2131 Broad Street
         Brooksville, FL. 34609
  Tel: (904) 796-3561  FAX: (904) 799-0221

                   Part No.  TC104-25-225


             Capacity    .1 MFD
             Tolerance   +/- 10%
     Insulation Res. 20,000 Megohms -at- 500 VDC
          Power Factor .15% -at- 1 KHZ
        Rated Voltage  40,000 V. Pulse
         Test Voltage  60,000 VDC


             Container: Thermoplastic tube
            Dielectric: N(H)
            Impregnate: Mineral Oil
                Finish: None
           Approx. Wt.: 20 pounds
       Operating Temp.: -40C to +65C
         Storage Temp.: Same


                   .1 MFD
               45,000 V. PULSE
               CONTAINS NO PCB

This was the spec list that I purchased from, during the course
of the ordering and construction I worked with the engineers
(through the sales dept) and we agreed that certain areas such as
the +/- 10% tolerance would not apply since the intended circuit
required a very close match between the two units. These two caps
replaced a monstrous array of 14 homemade poly/AL/oil capacitors
in my large balanced Tesla tank circuit. The improvment in
circuit performance was quite marked when I switched over to the
matched pair of commercial caps. One reason is these two
capacitors eliminated nearly 25 feet of tank circuit bussing.

Richard Quick

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