Commercial Caps

Here is the list of those that have responded to purchasing commercial

qty                          name
2                          Ed Phillips
1                          Richard Wall
1                          Glenn Cerny
1                          Stan Harle
1                          Richard Quick
2                          Loren Carpenter
2                          Bob Thaden
1                          Jerry Biehler
1                          Chip Atkinson
1                          Mark Rzeszotarski
1                          Daryl Dacko
14 pcs
+1 pc, for myself, Scott Myers
15 pcs total

There may be an additional piece for Mark Conway, from New Zealand.  Mark, I
will check on UPS for you to New Zealand on Monday morning.  I will e-mail you
privately on this matter.

A few of you mentioned that you may want an additional one, if the price was
good enough.  First, with this quantity, we will definitely get them for $186.30
each, including shipping.  The worst case is that I will have to ship them all
to my house, and then back out to the individuals that ordered them.  This
should cost no more than $10 each.  That would bring the total cost up to
$196.30.  This is an estimate.   I will have the accurate total tomorrow
afternoon, by 4:00 PM, East Coast time.  I am going to try to talk them into
shipping them out to you directly.  After all, I have saved them a lot of money
by letting them make these units in one lot.

If you wish to discuss this matter, I can be reached at 513-778-1799 at home, or
513-773-5537 at the office.  On making payment, I will send you my address after
I have the total tomorrow.

If anyone in the Telsa group reading this is interested in this deal, and isn't
mentioned in the above message, please call or e-mail me immediately for
details.  I will place this order tomorrow, November 6th, 1995.

Scott Myers