Re: Commercial Capacitors

Ed Harris wrote on Nov. 3, 1995,

>Are these manufactured caps going to be rolled or parallel plate

Like most commercial caps, they consist of many smaller, end foil design
capacitors in series/parallel inside one container.  Since they are end foil
design, there is little inductance.  From a manufacturing standpoint, this is
the most cost effective way of making a high voltage/small package capacitor.

There are a few companies out there that make plate style caps.  They are MUCH
more expensive and offer nothing that the end foil design doesn't, for all
practical purposes.  Sure, they can probably reduce the internal inductance
further, but it wouldn't increase your performance by any measurable means.

If you are worried about internal inductance, I can get that figure for you.  I
believe I was quoted that it would be less than 80 microhenries.  At any rate,
it is small.  I can confirm that info Monday.

Scott Myers