Neon Tranformer bypass caps.

I have four, no-PCB, oil filled transmitter bypass caps rated at 25KV each at
.012 uF.  I would like to use these a bypass caps on my Tesla filter board.

With my neon transformer supply, I planned on using two caps in series on each
side of the neon to ground.  This should give a DC voltage rating of 50 KV 
at .006 uF.  From what I have read, the capacitance is a bit high for a neon.
Will there be any problem with destructive oscillations in the neon secondary
with this arrangement.

The France neon sign transformer applications manual warns against long HV cable
runs, due to the effectives of the capacitance on "the tranformer insulation
system".  I wonder if there will be a similar problem here.

Thanks for any help!

Don Froula