Neon Transformer Questions

After accumulating materials and lurking on this list for 9 months or so,
the group purchase of commercial caps has gotten me past my fear of
mineral oil and aluminum flashing and back into Tesla construction!

I stopped by Midwest Neon Supply in Chicago last Friday and purchased a new
15KV, 60 ma. France transformer.  After chatting with the clerk about Tesla coils,
I sprung the question about old warranty return cores.  After rummaging
in the back for a while, he came back with a new-looking unit, somewhat
smaller than my new transformer, but with no top cover (or identification
plate).  I assume this was removed for warranty credit.  Upon testing the unit
in a Jacob's ladder, it appears to work perfectly (and is probably new).  My
question is how to determine the voltage and current of the unit.  The current rating
determination should be as easy as connecting an ma meter across the output.  I
don't thing my Radio Shack meter would do well across the output
in AC voltage mode, though!  

I'd like to use the used tranformer in parallel with the purchased unit to boost
my power output.

I suppose I could rig a voltage divider across the output and measure the drop across
the smaller resistor and calculate the voltage.  Has anyone tried this?

Thanks for the help.

Don Froula