Re: Ball Lightning

> The son of a friend of mine wants to do a research paper on lightning 
> and particularly ball lightning.  I have seen comments here in the 
> past about making ball lightning using a tesla coil.  Has anyone done 
> this before?
> If you have any sources for research material on this subject I would
> appreciate some help.

Re: lightning in general:

Martin Uman has a couple of books out on lightning.  One is geared 
more for intelligent children, and the other is a more scholarly (i.e. - 
college level physics) treatment of lightning and lightning research.  I 
think the titles are "All About Lightning" and "Lightning" respectively.  
They are both published by Dover Paperback Books and are under 
$10.  I have them both and they are both very interesting.

Re: ball lightning

The Corum's have written some papers on the production of ball 
lightning with Tesla coils, and they also had an article in the TCBA 
newsletter concerning this.  I will get the specific TCBA reference for 
you tonight.

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)