Tesla Coils

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  Date: 04-28-95  13:03
  From: Bruce Breining                            
    To: Wez Lewis                                                       
  Subj: Tesla Coils
 On 04-27-95 Wez Lewis wrote to All... 
 WL> Tesla coils 
 WL> I've been playing around trying build a Tesla coil 
 WL> with no luck. 
    stuff deleted 
 WL> If I was to build the above coil how would I work out the coil 
 WL> length's and thickness etc... ? 

 WL> I remember reading somewhere a coil that was built that 
 WL> had 5kc input to the primary and the output of the seconday was about 
 WL> 250kc at some unbelievablely high voltage. 

The name of the game is resonance. Many years ago I built a coil 
that was about 5 ft high and 2 1/2 in. diameter. It resonated about 
500KHz. The coil itself has inherent capacitance and the inductance 
can be determined from formulas found in elementary texts. The 
actual frequency can be determined by applying a low level square 
wave and measuring the ringing freq with a scope. Keep in mind that 
this device is a transmitter and may be illegal and will no doubt 
cause RFI in your neighborhood. Also, RF burns are nasty. 
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