Neon transformers and HV caps

Two problems:
   I've been running a very small tesla coil off of a 6kv, 1.2ma supply.
I want to replace the supply with a 9 or 15kv neon xfmr (30ma) but when I 
attempt to do so, I get only a small pinpoint of a spark from the 
secondary of the Tesla-Coil.  With the 6kv xfmr I at least got a couple 
of inches.  I don't see how the coil's tuning could be the problem, 
because both the 6kv(which worked somewhat) and the 9 and 15kv (which 
don't work) xfmrs are running at the same freq...60hz.  I do realize that 
the neon xfmrs are center ground, and have wire dthem as such... Am I 
missing something obvious???

#2: I purchased a couple of G.E. caps  which say:
"DC Filter Service Only (cat14F1354) 0.39mf  25000vdc(50deg celcius)"
Apparently these are not polar caps, but they say they are for use as dc 
filters only?? anyone know if something like this is able to be used with ac?

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