Re: Swapfest

> In particular, I am interested in transformers, variable, potential, pole,
> and current, ammeters, signal generators, oscilloscopes, and RF 
> filters.  
> Are there any other items that I should keep my eyes open for?  What 
> is a fair price for some of these items?  What items are most useful? 

After years of hard-core scrounging at hamfests, here is a list (in no 
particular order) of the things that typically can be found that I either 
regularly keep an eye out for or have already obtained.  These are 
typical "fair" prices (in my opinion), and prices obviously vary 
according to make and model (name brands like Tektronix, HP, Fluke, 
etc... being a bit more expensive but also more reliable in the long run). 
Another useful thing to keep an eye out for are the manuals for the test 
equipment that you buy or already have.

Calibrated dual trace scope, at least 10MHz bandwidth - $75 or so 
(50Mhz $100 - $250).

Oscilloscope probes - $1 to $5

Test oscillator good for at least 1MHz $25 - $100 (I just bought a 10 
MHz HP 651A test oscillator for $50 this past weekend so I can sell my 
less capable but still useful EICO 1MHz oscillator).

Frequency counter $25 - $50 (good to hundreds of MHz, you won't need 
a GHz counter - used to verify test oscillator frequency)

RG59 coax cords with BNC connectors at the ends (different lengths to 
connect the scope, test oscillator, etc.. together) - 4/$1 up to $2

BNC tee-connectors .50 - $1 each

LCR meter - $49 new at the hamfest I just went to (I bought a used 
capacitance meter for $10 a couple of years ago but they normally 
seem to go for $15 to $25)

Variacs - (up to 20A, I have yet to find any larger) - about $1/amp if 
you're lucky, $2/amp if you're not

Various panel meters (AC/DC/Volt/Amp) - $1 - $3

RF line filters - 10A -at- $1, 30A -at- $3-$5

Current transformers - $3 - $5

Used RG8 coax - cheap - just look in the grungy boxes or piles of 
tangled wire laying around under the tables and offer them half of what 
they're asking.

Recent ARRL handbook - a large handbook that has all sorts of useful 
information about basic electronics theory, construction techniques, 
transmission line theory, test equipment, etc...

High voltage caps - $1 to $100 depending on a lot of things

I have yet to find any pole or distribution transformers at a hamfest :-(
Large plate transformers can sometimes be found (rated at 3kV - 5kV at 
at least a couple of hundred mA) and can be had for as little as $5 and a 
hernia - maybe good to get a few and wire them in series for higher 

Insulators (ceramic or plastic) - again look in the grungy boxes under 
the tables and get them cheap (I just bought a box with a couple of 
hundred cylindrical ceramic insulators from 2" to 6" long for $3)

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)