Quoting Ed Sonderman:

 ES> Richard,

 ES> If I can only find 7,620vAC pole pigs - can I put 240vAC in  
 ES> on the 120v tap and get 15kv out?  Is the 240v input center  
 ES> tapped and grounded to the case to produce 120v?  If so I    
 ES> won't be able to do this because we want to ground the case  
 ES> to our RF ground.

On every pig I have seen, all low-voltage windings are connected
through insulated bushings. I have done this on plate trans-
formers (run 240 volts into a 120 volt winding) to get higher
voltages out, but the transformer did not hold up long. Then
again, pole pigs are not plate transformers.

 ES> Can I use two 7,620v pole pigs in series?  Connect the 240v  
 ES> inputs in paralled and the secondaries in series?

This is the safe bet. It is very easy to do this, and the
configurations are very flexible. Two single-bushing pigs can
even be wired together: ground the cases to the RF ground, wire
the LV primaries in parallel; you end up with a pole pig setup
wired just like a neon sign power supply (two separate HV
windings, center tap ground).

I think that if I had two pigs run in series, I would always
connect the cases, and one HV bushing from each pig, to the RF

Richard Quick

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