* Originally By: Michael Diresta
 * Originally To: Richard Quick
 * Originally Re: Tesla, POLE TRANSFORMER
 * Original Area: FIDOElectronics
 * Forwarded by : Richard Quick

Been following on and off for some time, not exactly sure what
your doing but I do find it interesting. I came across a big cap
this weekend, not sure if it would be any use in your application
but here's the info I copied.

16 MFD +- 10%
p/n 10077

Made by NWL Cap in Florida 407-848-9009
Let me know if it's any use to you. It looks new and has a wire
connecting the two terminals. 

 ! Origin: Computer Castle Multi-Line, (603)382-3471 (1:324/127)

If anybody has an interest, let me know and I will "NETMAIL" Mike
through his FIDOnet BBS. Richard Quick <richard.quick-at-slug-dot-org>
___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12