Tesla chit chat

Quoting Ryan Jester:

 RJ> Well I dont know if the core insluation of the RG-8 is       
 RJ> polyethelene, its a soild white and somewhat stiff.  I did a 
 RJ> test with my 12KV xfmr seeing if the high voltage would jump 
 RJ> through the insulation of the RG-8 but I couldnt see         
 RJ> anything with the eye (I wasnt holding it either) but I did  
 RJ> hear a distinct buzzing sound other than the normal
 RJ> xfmr sound so some may have jumped through.  

You were probably just hearing high voltage tension that buzzes,
humms, and crackles depending on voltage, humidity, etc..

Polyethylene is one of the easiest plastics to identify. It is
tough, flexible, almost slippery feeling, and translucent milky
white. The other common coax insulator is some type of polymer
foam: It is not as tough, it is opaque white with a discernable 
foam structure, not a pure solid.

To say that simply because they are electrically equivilent
for signal transmission is one thing: we are using the material
for a purpose for which it was not designed or rated.

 RJ> I did not use the outer wire for grounding either.  

For just jumping connections or terminals there is no need to
ground the sheath, or even use the sheath. But if the coax
is to be used for a run in excess of two or three feet, I always
leave the sheath on and ground it to the transformer core.

 RJ> I'm finished with the static gap, following your directions  
 RJ> so thats out of the way.

Sounds good. How did it turn out?

 RJ> About that deal with the plexiglass for some polyethelene.   
 RJ> What dia. of plexiglass (I'm assuming 8") and how long?  

Approx. 8 inches in diameter, 28 inches long.

 RJ> I will need enough poly for two caps.  If your still ok      
 RJ> about this deal let me know.

I have surplus plastic sufficient for at least two capacitors,
and I would be willing to trade for high-Q secondary coil form

 RJ> Ahh, one more thing before I get out of your hair, where did 
 RJ> you get your toroid for the discharger? 

Which one? I have several.

Richard Quick
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