No secondary coil form/former

	Hey all! Here's a proceedure I'd like to pass on for possibly cutting
down on coil form losses:

	Don't use any form! I was playing around this weekend and found that I
could wind a coil of magnet wire on a waxed paper coated PVC form. The PVC was
slitted up/down one side to allow it to collapse when I was ready. I wound a
8"long 4" diameter coil and coated it with 2 coats of Celluose Nitrate based
laquer ( that's all I had), let dry for 1 day, then collapsed the PVC form. So
now I've got a fairly rigid free standing coil with no former material save a
bit of waxed paper which was "glued" to the inside. The coil is very stiff but
could easily be crushed - it could support a light aluminum toroid but I'd use
a thin stiff internal support for much more weight.

	If I do this for real, I'll use thin polyethylene sheet between the 
PVC and windings, and I'd probably try to find some low loss Q-dope
(polystyrene varnish: that's why it's called Q -)for coating the coil.