Re: Idea for a ground..

Hello all along the list!

A just heard a nice idea for a ground to be used when one transports
a tesla coil to some other place than the "lab" for demonstrations:
One could connect some copper-plate to the end of a ground-strap and
sink this to the nearest sewer!!! You know - those things with
metallic covers on top of them etc.. :)

This could be a possible solution (temporary) for getting fairly
good (compared to water-pipe) ground as the sewer-system does not
use metallic pipes..

What do you think?

ps. I got my primary and secondary ready - and almost got the materials
for the caps so I'll be ready to fire soon.. and could use the sewer as
the ground (soil:) is very frozen :(

btw: Richard :  what do you think about using multiple sheets of
.5 mm thick polypropene together to get the required _length_ for the
di-electric sheet - with or without welding the pp-sheets together?
Unfortunately the sheets are only 1.2 meters long.. I just though
about it and basicly it wouldn't matter whether even if there was a little
gap between pp-sheets as it would be filled with oil.. (the gap is
not between turns but between sheets - 3 sheets to get 3 meters, and
three layers of these for each plate to get 1.5 mm thick) 

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