Primary shorts

cc: Tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com


Well I solved the mystery last night.  Remember I said that the
discharges/shorts always seemed to appear in the upper part of the primary -
like around turn 14?  Turn 14 is arcing to the strike rail.  I designed the
primary supports with the hole pattern to hold the copper tubing shifted up
on each support as you go around the coil.  This makes the last one half turn
or so closer to the top of the coil form.  Then when I added the supports for
the strike rail I positioned it a fixed amount above the primary coil form.
 In some places I have 1.0" clearance and it narrows down to .50".  I
obviously need to raise the strike rail to gain more clearance.  Is 1.0"
clearance all the way around enough?

I have another question.  When I shut the coil off after running for several
minutes, I can draw a small spark from the system RF ground to my hand - up
to 20 minutes later.  I don't understand this.  All connections to the AC
line are broken.  I would like to wet down the ground rod area but the ground
is frozen right now. 

Ed Sonderman