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I have already posted this messge once but it doesn't seem to
have made the light of day yet, so here it is again :

This message is to all :

A local coiler who is not too keen on computers etc and therefore
can't join in this discussion has at last had his article
accepted and published in a respected electronic magazine.

The article is entitled "Like Lightning" and is written by
Malcolm Watts. Malcolm works at our local Polytech and has given
me a demo of his large coil. It throws out 3 foot arcs from a
tiny 8KV transformer. The photo in the mag. is not his large
coil, the editor preferred the clarity of a much smaller table
top version that was submitted.

Malcolm rang me tonight to say he had had success after a long,
long wait and lots of letter writing to the magazine. A while ago
Richard Quick suggested I point him at TCBA which I did. He was
in the middle of writing the article for TCBA when the advance
air mail copy of the article arrived in his mail. So, sorry
guy's, the magazine got there first.

The info contained in this article was to me very revealing and
enlightening. I hope you find it also. It also lays down a
practical scheme for anyone wanting to build from scratch, but
needing an understanding of what they're doing as well. Included
is a description of how to build your own caps using Al foil and
polyethyelene sheeting. Malcolm reckons his method is new and
innovative. I said "We will see" ....... :-)

CAUTION. Some of the formulae have been incorrectly printed.
Malcolm has posted an addendum to the magazine which will
eventually be printed, but I hope to be able to correct these for
you in due course and before the printed corrections.

I haven't seen the article yet.

The magazine is called ELECTRONICS WORLD & WIRELESS WORLD. The
date is March 1995, page 190ff. (six pages)

I have been reading this magazine for many years but have no
business association with them whatsoever, the addresses above
are from the front of a recent issue. I hope they help.

Jim Oliver <jim.oliver-at-welcom.gen.nz> (3:771/370)

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