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TE>< Faq removed >

TE>In my opinion it's not logical to combine different files into one
TE>huge on and call that "faq" - I'd rather say that the faq should contain
TE>the basics of tesla-coils (aka 1/4 wave vs. 1/2 wave vs. magnifying
TE>transmitter, circuit diagrams) and some info about the components. And all
TE>further info would be just pointers to the actual files available from
TE>the ftp-site.

I'd second that. The FAQ should be a "Frequently Asked Questions"
in the literal sense.

What is a Tesla coil ?
What is the circuit diagram ?
How do I stop it interfering with radio/TV broadcasts ?
What is the best source of transformers etc ?
How do I make a good ground for it ?

etc etc

The answers then should be fairly short and then point to other
(longer) references for more help. Of course "we" can make our
FAQ anything we like, but already Chip's start is 96 odd K long
and we've not got going yet. It would be good to keep it under
(say) 200 K.

IMHO of course.


TE>  Kristian Ukkonen.

TE>ps. I don't mean to flame Chip for doing the FAQ - no, these are just
TE>my opinions about how I'd find the faq to be most useful for all..


The fact that Chip has actually _started_ an FAQ is
great for all of us. Writing them is damn hard work, it takes
lots of commitment. I'm currently helping to write a sci.chem FAQ
for the net. I'm doing one tiny bit, and it's very demanding.

I think it's fitting to thank Chip for all his hard work in
making the Tesla list available for everyone. We are now seeing
how valuable and fascinating this sort of interaction really is.

BUT. It takes someone to make it happen.

Thanks Chip.

Jim Oliver <jim.oliver-at-welcom.gen.nz> (3:771/370)

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