found a really interesting paper

I found a paper of interest to coilers. It's "H.F. resistance and Self 
capaciatnce of single layer soleniods" by R.G. Medherst - Wireless Enginner 
Vol #2, Feb 1947 Pgs 35-43,80-88.  Also see correspondence on page 185 and 

Using experiments on 40 different coils of different aspect ratios and 
winding pitches he gives tables and formulsa for estimating the HF inductance
, resistance, and Q factor of single layer coils. best paper I've found so 
far on the subject!

One interesting aspect covered is why Palermo's formula for the "self 
capacitance" of solenoids is so far off for tight winding ( tight winding 
is seen NOT to increase the self capacitance!

BTW wireless engineer is now known as something like electronics technology
. the library of congress number is tk6540w79

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