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 -=> Quoting Ed Sonderman <=-

 ES> I would like to wet down the ground rod area but the ground 
 ES> is frozen right now. 

Well I'm no Einstein when it comes to Tesla Coils, but I do know a good
ground when I hear one.  Frozen soil does not make a good ground.  Like 
others in this echo say, try using a sewer pipe.  When water freezes, the 
molecules stop moving (not talking about absolute zero here).  So the 
electrons from the incoming ground (from the coil) hit the frozen soil, 
they cannot dissipate into the soil easily.  If their is enough electrons, 
it will warm the grounding rod up a bit, causing the soil to thaw around 
the rod (in millimeters).  That, of of course, only occurs when a ton of 
juice is flowin'.  Or the average Tesla coil running around 3kv.  What may 
be happening is you are getting feedback from the ground.  I know it 
sounds funny, but it is possible.  When you get the sparks after you
have disconnected the power source, like you said in the original, try
disconnecting the ground, if my theory holds water <g> you should not get
the sparks.  Most of the old (stressed - old) sewer systems are cast iron.  
The somewhat newer systems are made from plastic (in laymens terms - or 
however you spell it <g>).  Inside the sewer pipe is mostly water (being a
smart a*s <g>) which contains lots of minerals, which makes it an excellent
conductor.  Look around in this echo you'll find other people talking
about using a sewer pipe as their ground.

My $0.02 <g>

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