Power Transformers...?

Hello all!

Even though the recent FAQ listed sources for power transformers, I am
having a terrible time finding a transformer that is not meant to drive neon

I finished the 6" coil system, but have not managed to get much out of it as
one of my neons was shorted from the beginning. So instead of 1800 watts in,
it's getting 900 watts. My cap is not matched now, and I still don't have
any pfc's. I will make a smaller toroid, and then I should get at least
2.5 foot sparks out. :)

I would really like to know where I can get a _good_ non-neon transformer
that would supply about 10 kV -at- 2-500 mA.

I called the Transformer Bank yesterday, and "Chris" said that my needs were
too small for them to deal with. He referred me a gentleman here in S.C.
who supposedly disposed of power transformers for a utility company in the
northern part of the state. That guy had me fax him the xformer specs, but I
don't really expect to hear from him. He sounded like he had nothing less than
34.5 kV handy.

So, if anyone can supply a _reliable_ source for a _good_ power transformer,
I would really appreciate it. After that gets hooked in and working I'll
post the 6" coil saga, and it has really been a saga too!
(But I have learned soooo much!)

Thanks to everyone who has helped oout in the past, and if my last few
posts have sounded a little terse, it's because I quit smoking a little
while back, and am just now getting back on a even keel. :) :)
(No relapses this time...:)

Anyway, y'all take it easy!

Dan  <klineda-at-univscvm.csd.scarolina.edu>