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 MM> I came up with two 9kv .030 amp neon xformers and two 12kv   
 MM> 1.5kva PTs (don't ask)... I bought a length of 6" HDPE from  
 MM> the local plumbing supply...  wound 25" of 22 AWG on it and  
 MM> put about a quart a polyurethane on top.  Looks nice but I   
 MM> think if I ever wind another I'll use figerglass resin or    
 MM> epoxy paint...

Use the epoxy paint over the polyester resin. I agree with you on
the problems of polyurethane sealer applications, but it has
generally been more available and less expensive than a high
quality two-part epoxy paint. Both types of sealers perform well
when properly applied.

 MM> I've got two tanks built for poly/alum/oil caps <and> I've   
 MM> got pipe and copper cut for a couple of static cylinder      
 MM> gaps. All in all I'm moving right along as I can find        
 MM> materials. Now, another question. What size toroid should I  
 MM> start with on this secondary?

I would tell you to start out with no less than a one foot
diameter by 3 inch cross section toriod for low power tuning and
testing of the new system. A 20 inch by 5 inch toriod will work
well with your neons. You will want to increase this
substantially to peak this coil out.

Richard Quick

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