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 > Subject: Bypass Capacitors

 ES> Greetings Tesla fans,

 ES> Does anyone know where I can get some high voltage bypass capacitors
 ES> for neon sign protection and filtering?  I read the choke1A.txt in the
 ES> rqdocs file. Someone is recommending three .003 mfd -at- 30kvdc in series
 ES> for each side (six total) for a net .001 mfd 90kvdc.  These might be
 ES> available in surplus shops somewhere but not in Spokane, WA.  I can't
 ES> find anything like this in Mouser or Allied catalogs.

C&H Sales Co., a catalog surplus dealer, carries similar capacitors.

PO BOX 5356
PASADENA CA 91117-9988 USA

Tel: 800-325-9465, Tel: 213-681-4925, Tel: 818-796-2628, Fax: 818-796-4875

They had Sprague HVDC doorknobs with DC voltage ratings of 30 & 40KVDC
from 180-920 picoFarads. The prices were not too bad either, $6.00 -

                       DAN SMITH
                   8904 CYPRESS AVE 
                   COTATI  CA  94931

Used to salvage these caps and he sold them to coilers. This is where I
got my .004 uF -at- 30KVDC (Sprague) caps for $8.00 - $10.00 each.
 ES> Can I make these myself using left over materials from the rolled 
 ES> high voltage tank capacitors?  I think I want somewhere around 500 
 ES> to 700 pf. Will the .0625 polyethylene give me enough voltage 
 ES> rating?                       Thanks, Ed Sonderman

Yes, you can build the high-voltage bypass capacitors with the left 
over materials from the tank circuit capacitor construction; but the
ld-polyethylene dielectric is really too high Q to make an effective 
bypass where you want high loss and RF -> heat conversion. Maybe use
the aluminum flashing plates, and substitute PVC for the dielectric?

Richard Quick

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